Apologies, Promises, and the Like

I have to admit, the Duel has not gotten off to the start I had hoped for. Sadly, almost ten months have passed and we have yet to create a post. “The best laid plans…”, as they say.

The fact that I find most ridiculous and embarrassing, actually, is that I already have outlines begun for about five posts. Unfortunately, client work, paying bills, and balancing family life has taken precedent. For this, I apologize and I certainly hope to get something brilliant posted soon. Okay, “brilliant” may be a stretch. How about if I write something that I feel is worth reading, just to get the ball rolling?

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  1. Keith Says:

    I stumbled upon your amazing site while browsing sites for ideas on how to design mine after being stumped on a mock up all day.

    This is just like an idea I had to do daily blog updates to drum up activity as I work on and launch my site; provide semi-immediate progress reports for clients, throw up a few ideas I had and let people pick out the good and the bad… It sounds like a great idea on paper (er, the paper in my mind), but seeing your blog with a year of nothing makes me realize how daunting a task it really is.

    It’s certainly a good idea, and one I hope I can keep up on, but who knows? Only time will tell.

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